Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Quick Bathroom Update: Painted Clothing Hamper

Although we have a couple of larger projects happening around the house right now, when they start to drag out, I start to seek out some instant gratification. I think that is why I have always loved organizing; because you don’t typically need much, and you can have a feel good moment within a short amount of time. Working on our home has always been a passion, so whether we are doing an entire room makeover, or quickly painting a piece of furniture, I am enjoying it.

As I was unpacking from some recent travels, a sore spot in our bathroom caught my eye.

Some time ago I had a product leak through a basket sitting on the hamper, and I didn’t catch it fast enough. It ultimately ate away the paint and left an ugly spot on the surface.

So I have just been styling the hamper with decorative items to cover the spot, but as we use and move things, it tends to come out of hiding.

I instantly decided that it was time to finally do something about it. You know, for that quick gratification I was after. I had also purchased a beautiful new art print for the bathroom that was waiting to be framed and hung, so I figured I would also get on that while I was at it. Within seconds, I was cleaning all of my belongings off of the top of the hamper, wiping it down, and installing some leftover marble contact paper to the top.

Fixed! And it looked quite pretty!

But no matter how much I styled it, it didn’t feel right and it didn’t feel like it fit our bathroom. And the amount of the white just wasn’t working in the space as a whole. I knew the items that I wanted to stay because I use them so frequently, but I played around with a few different variations. So while I liked where things were heading, especially once I started bringing in some warmer wood tones in the form of a stool and tray, something still felt a little stark and unbalanced to me.

I planned on painting the bun feet of the hamper because they were chipping, but what if I painted the entire thing? Maybe something darker to add a little weight and drama and to really pull out the colors in the beautiful new art? Feeling a little frustrated that my instant gratification goal was starting to wear off, I decided to Photoshop in a navy hamper option.

I liked it enough to grab a quart of paint and go for it! The hamper is at least five years old so I figured some paint could really give it new life. And it has been awhile since I made over a piece of furniture so I was all in. I selected Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy color matched to Behr’s Marquee Paint in an eggshell finish (interior paint and primer in one).

I have shared tips for painting furniture before so I didn’t document the step by step with photos, but it really couldn’t have been easier and basically it went like this:

  • Wipe down entire furniture piece with cleaner and soft rag
  • Once dry, sand entire piece with fine grit sanding block
  • Wipe down entire piece again with damp rag to remove sanding dust
  • Tape off interior of pull out bins
  • Use an angled brush to cut in edges and a small smooth surface roller to roll top and flat sections
  • Repeat by painting a second coat the following day
  • Let cure 

Bye, bye yucky top! Hello pretty and dramatic new hamper!

Although it took me two extra days, I still love the ultimate outcome of this little wall in our bathroom.

On a separate note, have you guys tried dry brushing? And if so, what do you think? It is a newer thing for me but I sort of dig it!

Because the brush was always just landing on the hamper, I decided to add a small knob next to the art and give the brush a more permanent home.

I have also been trying to soak in a bath at least once a week with some salts, so a large glass vessel with a scoop has been encouraging that stress relieving activity.

I did find the little wood stool recently, and I have to say that after months of looking for one every time I walked through a Marshalls or HomeGoods, I was probably a little over-the-top happy as I ran through the aisles to grab this darling one once the stars finally aligned.

It is the perfect place for me to set my towel while I shower, or a glass of wine and a candle while I bathe.

I tend to use lotion and little perfume daily, and also added some fresh flowers for fun. That is all that I needed to finish off this small update.

One more look at the beautiful art that really inspired me to add a bolder hue to the hamper. I have been a long time Teil Duncan fan and I am so excited to finally have a gorgeous print in our home. Her use of color is always inspiring to me, and I love the edginess of her work.

What a difference some art, paint and a few hours makes! Our bathroom feels like a whole new space and I love that I was able to still check something off of our house list this week!

Tell me about a recent update you made that left a dramatic and instant difference in your home. Or maybe a story about how one little thing led to another and another and another… Isn’t that how it always goes?


Hamper | Paint (color matched to BM Hale Navy) | Paint Brush | Roller | Stool | Wood Tray | Bud Vase | Skin Brush | Wall Knob | Glass Jar | Frame | Frame Brackets | Art 

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